The Other Days in New York

Conor’s birthday was definitely the best day of our trip. We smiled so much! The rest of the time was a bit harder. We got used to travelling with Conor as a younger baby, where he earned the nickname “Miracle Baby” since he made things so easy for us. This time museums and restaurants were really quite difficult. Our little fella likes to roam and explore! We still have to live our lives of course, and travel is quite a big part of that, but respecting Conor’s needs is becoming more important too.

Times Square was an eye-opener

We loved Central Park. Our hotel was right by it. There were plenty of swings for Conor!

Spot the skyscrapers

We also liked seeing GREEN GRASS! We are quite sick of the snow in Boston. Even though it is melting, there is still about a foot left to melt!

Tree and roots outside the Met

Night skyline from Central Park

We took the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty from the water. It was late in the afternoon and Conor was pretty sick of being out and about that day (American Museum of Natural History), so it will definitely be something we do again, with a proper stop to Ellis Island etc.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Still, all in all it’s pretty cool to say “I was in New York City for my first birthday!”


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