Taking “Wholegrain” A Step Too Far

I really wanted to make some oatmeal cookies ever since my neighbor made us some delicious ones for Christmas.

Looking promising

I still don’t quite understand the different varieties of oatmeal though. I got steel-cut “Irish-style” oatmeal, and got these grainy things – not like the flake style I’m used to! I went ahead though:

Getting dubious

The coarseness of the grains while rolling and pressing was ringing some alarm bells, but I kept forging on!


W has dubbed them “The Breakfast Sandwich” and aims to have them with milk tomorrow morning! Might be worth a shot!

(K, I will not be bringing some over to you as I had been hoping! I couldn’t do that to you!)


P.S. Once they crisp up you don’t actually notice the raw, crunchy teeth-fillingness as much.


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