So, I was on the phone to my brother the other day and said how cold it was and he asked was I not worried about the pipes freezing? That was a huge problem in Ireland this Christmas and he learned a lot about his new house in the cold weather!

“No, of course not,” I cockily said, “this is Boston!”

I woke up yesterday morning and, lo and behold, there was no water in the bathroom! ARGH! I went downstairs with a plan to fill up a bowl while I checked the bathroom downstairs, but it kept running… Oh wow, it was only upstairs! What a sigh of relief!

W was still asleep up on a mountain in Arizona, so I googled what I could, called my brother-in-law, realised it must be an outside wall that’s not well enough insulated to withstand minus3F (minus20C), put the heat up, closed the doors to the upstairs bathroom and my bedroom, and went out to the drop-in play place. I needed to see people!

I got back and the hot water came back! I ran that for five minutes and the cold water came back! I have learned something about our new house. I am sorry Donal for being so cocky!

Next up, more SNOW! I had been trying to be strong about our new life in the Northeast, but we have gotten a bad winter as our first one apparently… It’s manageable, but it’ seems neverending. I am also reconsidering my allergy to wool…

(Still, there are bright sides: It was only me who was going to be stinky – Conor could have had his bath in the kitchen sink!)


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  1. I feel like I jinxed you now, sorry sis! Glad you got the water back though. We had no choice but to wait for a thaw as it was the pipes on the road that froze and not the pipes in the house… gotta love Ireland!

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