Fighting the Fangs

Conor’s crib has become a teething rail of first resort. I tried to buy plastic teething covers but they were too small, then the storm came in so I coudn’t go out to get more. Also, W didn’t want adhesive covers, which were going to be the next resort. What to do? Things were getting bad…

Chomp chomp

I looked online, and saw something that looked pretty easy to do myself. It took four hours and a very well-behaved baby.

Paws for thought

I had intended to use the fleece to make a jacket or vest for Conor, but this brightens his room much more than that would have (plus, I hadn’t yet found a pattern).

As for those teeth marks? We’ll get a cherry wood marker soon and paint them in.


One comment

  1. Oh no! H and N did the same thing to their crib, even with the plastic covers. Your fabric covers look much more useful and attractive than the plastic ones.

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