Conor’s First Christmas

Santa found his merry way down the chimney in Ireland, but first we had to wait for Donal to wake. So we opened Gemma’s presents first! How did she know??? How could she have guessed that my favourite toys are cellphones???

I'm a quack hand at these

Donal finally got up and we opened all the presents under the tree (and on Conor’s special chair)

Not really interested!

After dinner we had to make sure we didn’t miss the imminent collapse of the pudding

We were sorely disappointed - it held up - of course!

There was still some time to play after dinner

Great fun



  1. I had to comment on all of these references to waiting for Donal to wake up before opening presents… there was also a certain Julie slumbering peacefully beside me that failed to wake up early enough for you! Once we got up we had to wait for you to get back from mass and then have a shower! I demand a retraction!

  2. Ah but now you’re engaged I can lump the two of you together and still blame you! And I only went to mass at that time to give you the opportunity to get up and be decently showered and not smelly when I got home… Naturally.

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