Not Quite Himself

Conor has been a bit challenging of late. He wants to climb to everything out of his reach and everything that is adult-oriented.

He WANTS the laptops:

Which used to be fine, but now he can reach them...

He wants anything on the coffee table (including laptops and beverages):

Fear my reach!

And he wants to go upstairs:

Mama was too quick this time!

So, all in all, it has been frustrating both for us and for him. He wants to do a lot of stuff but it’s mostly too dangerous. He just wants to be part of everything, poor mite.

One thing we’ve been mostly enjoying is his love of food. Except perhaps that he gets cranky with the baby food now… He especially loves tomato sauce (with onions and garlic and everything!)

Feed me!

He definitely loves anything that we do and eat. Smoothies are still a huge favourite.

Blackberry moustache

Oh and excessive teething has made napping and bedtime rough… Hmm, this is the Pollyanna blog, there is supposed to be a silver lining in everything. Perhaps I am more nervous about W’s trip to Oxford tonight than I am letting on…


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