Cambridge and Knitting

Yesterday we spent all day in Cambridge. Wystan was giving a colloquium so Conor and I went in with him and did some shopping (TOYS!) and met my friend from college, Róisín, who is at Harvard too! We wandered all day until 3.30 for the colloquium. Conor slept through the first 20 minutes but then he was about to wake and cry, so we escaped!

In Papa's office

My new toy - there are five more trucks

We went out for dinner afterwards with Wystan’s colleagues. Conor is definitely starting to need a babysitter…

Today I finished a knitting item I’ve been working on for a while (Cambridge, Ireland, here…) I can’t post it yet though because it’s a surprise for Bronwen and Charlotta (I would like a pic!!!). So I will post another project I recently did for a colleague of Wystan’s who just had a baby. It’s nice to do girlie pinks!!!

Cute cute


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