Connecticut Weekend

Wayland organized a pool party for the New England crowd this weekend, so we went down a day early and stayed with Evan and Jen. We met at the beach!

We like the beach

Jen gave me new toys!

We had a great time at the beach and at Evan and Jen’s afterwards. Conor even got in the water, but didn’t like the cold too much! He stayed in the shade very well and liked exploring the sand (but not eating the new thing for a change!) and new toys. I had been looking forward to this weekend for a very long time and it was worth it!

The pool party the next day was really great, seeing everyone together. It’s nice to be around family now we’re in Boston. Wayland’s pool was at 90 degrees so it was like a huge bath! Conor stayed in for ages and no complaining whatsoever!

Look Donal!

Slam Dunk!

The kids all loved the pool. Wayland got some huge air!

Every kid got loads of turns!

Well, not Conor of course!

And then of course, the highlight for the kids (old and young!)

The ice cream truck!

One problem… People who have had no input in a diet during six months of exclusive breastfeeding tend to go a bit crazy when they get some responsibility…

Yes, Chubbs, we're both being very bold...

Let's blame Julie...


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