West Cork Holiday

We got the chance to show Conor my favourite place in the world – Creagh in West Cork. A whole 9 days! First stop was the beacon in Baltimore where W proposed.

View from beacon to Sherkin Island

Then we went to an ancient fort on a hill overlooking the sea where we stopped to nurse and look at all the sailboats and green fields.

Knockdrum ring fort

View from Knockdrum fort

First time facing forward in the carrier

On Wednesday it was off to Sherkin Island. A look at the weather forecast showed it would probably be the only good day (it was right of course – it’s very strange dealing with sunburn for the next few days when it’s lashing rain all around you…)

Conor sleeping

I’m surprised we have a sleeping shot – Conor and West Cork do not equate to sleep… We had a growth spurt, night wakings, very few naps… Momma is tired! Don’t worry, he woke up shortly after, and regretted it very soon I’m sure!

Paddling in the Atlantic

Still in shock

Unfortunately we had to leave for the mainland after too little time. Sunny days always happen on Sherkin!

Look back to Trabawn as we leave for the ferry

The rain kept us in a lot the next few days, but on Saturday we had had enough of it, and went to Drombeg Stone Circle. No rain, but the mist gave it a very romantic feel.

Stones in the mist


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