Home in Ireland

Conor met Granddad for the first time last week. Needless to say, he’s going down a treat, though his grandparents are fighting about which gaelic games he will play – hurling with Granddad or gaelic football with Mamó.

First Meeting with Granddad

He is getting daily, multiple tours around the garden. I think something’s wrong with Mum – she was delighted when Conor tore off his first leaf!!!

In the garden with Mamó

Conor has taken pretty well to Ireland. He is more tired (cranky?) than usual, and his tummy gets a lot more upset too. He has been getting gas in the evenings for the first time in two months. Must be the Irish food! He’s still a happy wee thing though, and a real charmer on everyone. Here’s the little fella fast asleep under the BEAUTIFUL blanket Una made him:



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