Beach Boy

It was Conor’s first day at the beach on Saturday. We were a bit jealous at the start that he got to keep his socks on!

Paddling on Wingaersheek Beach

We got used to the cold water pretty soon though and had a lovely walk. Conor also had his first picnic, but I’m not sure it counts since there was no sand in the milk!

Sinking into the sand

We then went into Gloucester town and had some lunch and walked around. We had to bundle up quite a bit! I never thought the weather would be THIS much like Ireland!


Papa was pretty excited when he saw all the lobster for sale. Even though we don’t really have a great kitchen setup right here, he decided he couldn’t wait until August for our own house! We had a very tasty dinner…

Pinch pinch

On Sunday we strolled through Cambridge, checking out the shops, Harvard Yard, the game store, the coffee… A lot of people comment on how cute/little/adorable Conor is. It’s really nice to hear!

Relaxing on Cambridge Commons


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