8 Weeks Old

Conor was 8 weeks yesterday. He’s been doing great. He had a terrible 24-hour period during the week where he was inconsolable for an hour after each feed, but he has gotten over that now (it totally eclipsed the crying from his 2-month shots!)

As you can see, he's grown a lot

At his 2-month check up, he weighed 11lbs 2.5oz and was 24.5 inches. He’s still feeding great, and is possibly doing a growth spurt today, or else he’s just snacking. I’m still not sure. I think he’s figured out he can stop his hiccups by breastfeeding… Clever fella.

Papa's Recliner

Once he wakes up from his sleep above we’ll have a better idea of whether it’s a growth spurt or not. He didn’t really do a 6-week one, but we were in Boston and things were all crazy.

I hope to have a craft post tomorrow. I’m going over for a crafty evening with the girls this evening, and I hope to finish the project I learned at a knitting class yesterday. Of course, this relies on Conor not feeding the whole time, but maybe he’ll be distracted by all the girls and the three cats at Donna’s!

Here’s one more cute photo – he’s learning to smile! For a while he’d only smile at Papa, but I was delighted to finally get a few the other day.

Smiles for Momma


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