Crafty Day

This morning I finally got around to hand washing the baby cardigan and “blocking” it so that it’s easier to sew together. Once it’s dry, I’ll sew all the pieces together, then pick up stitches along the edges etc to make the neck and button borders.


The pieces have actually been done quite a long time, but I was not managing to find any time for this part (plus, sewing up is a bit scary to me.)

A different kind of sewing which I had been dying to do for ages is to make baby blankets. I got the flannel one made today and was very pleased. I hope to make the fleece one tomorrow. Again, the material has been waiting around for a long time. It has certainly been nice to have the time off since I finished work a week ago. I have gradually been accomplishing things each day (except yesterday, when I was battling the sore throat from hell – however, I still managed to teach!)



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