Tucson Rodeo

The weather certainly wasn’t as nice as last year with Byron, but we had a fun time (beer for W, popcorn and funnel cake for me!)

Bucking Broncos

We had a great spot. We only paid $5 each for our tickets but the stands were so empty because of the cooler 58F/15C weather that we could move over right to the middle ($22 tickets!)

Fred Whitfield won the roping, and was SO fast. He's been World Champion 7 times.

As you may have guessed, it was “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” day. So for the girls, here’s one of my favorites, the barrel racing:

Ride around three barrels as fast as you can!

The bull riding is of course what everyone waits for, but we loved the other events too. Especially because there’s no guarantee those fellas will stay on the bulls! There were some powerful bulls so we only saw about 35/40% clean rides.

Bull Riding

At the end we took our time leaving the grounds, so we got to see the calves being brought back through, the horses eating their hay, and even the bulls being driven back to their pens! Pretty HUGE up close! (Jim, I can’t believe you’ve done Pamplona twice! Those Spanish bulls must be smaller?)

Bull Running


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