Pancake Tuesday

W and I met on Pancake Tuesday six years ago. A lot has happened since then!

Pancake Tuesday is more of an Irish holiday but we decided to make it Swedish-themed this year since we still needed to use up the last of the lingonberries from Christmas. So I made Swedish pancakes:

Decisions decisions

However, as you can see, we had both Swedish and Irish (lemon and sugar) fillings! I had two of each.

Also, earlier in the day I made something else on a Swedish theme…

Swedish Bootees!

I thought yellow buttons would be very appropriate, so I made them today from Fimo modelling clay. I made extra buttons too, because the bootees seem Really Small and there’s another size up for the pattern, which I might make if I get the time. How can a baby’s feet be so small?! I’m delighted with them though.


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