Nashville Thanksgiving

We had a great time with family for Thanksgiving. W carved the deep-fried turkey!

Tasty turkey

Then Bronwen organized a baby shower for Lena and me, with some really fun games. Here we had to use wool to try and guess how big the bellies were!

This is hard!

Bronwen TOTALLY won and was within inches for both of us. I added about a foot to Lena’s belly over mine – that’s just a great estimation of two weeks’ extra growth! (Still, I wasn’t as bad as Lovisa!)

The pregnant ladies and the gorgeous cake!

Lena opening my first ever knit hat

C had a great pile of pillows that were going to be thrown out = pillow fight!!!

Those specks are just dust, not feathers!

Two on one

The two birthday kids had an early celebration (though C was denying it until her first really free day after her birthday – the 6th!) and we all had more cake. Yummy.

Don't count the candles...

W got a load of amazing new games for his birthday and Christmas. He was in heaven. Here he is coveting Valdora:

Valdora, the new "hotness"

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