I know, I haven’t posted in ages! Well, I think I’ll use the camera batteries as an excuse. W thought used batteries go where the batteries that have been recharged go, so we ended up losing track of them all, with loads of batteries that needed recharging and no full batteries for the camera! We now have 8 fully recharged and four more to go – should be plenty for Evan and Jen’s wedding! Since I like my posts to have photos in them I felt bad about posting!

We went to a free Blues Festival on Sunday and on Saturday W played games while I went shopping for a dress for the wedding. Victorious! (Now if only Julie hadn’t mentioned I’d need shoes and a bag etc too… Might have to coordinate accessories this weekend.)

I have the left front of the cardigan and the back done now and have one row of the right front done (I vacuumed and mopped yesterday evening instead of knitting, then we went to play games at a friend’s house. More games tonight so knitting will have to wait.)

It’s getting cooler here now – I’ve had to put the heater on in the car some mornings because it’s only been 15 degrees (60F)! That is cold for us! The other day felt like a wonderful Summer’s day in Ireland…

I’ll get some pictures up soon I promise…


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