Visiting the Telescope

I got to see my man this afternoon and evening after a lot of shopping during the day with Donna. I love going up to the telescopes because you come across so much wildlife. In daylight I saw a roadrunner, a jackrabbit, cows and three hawks. On the drive home late this evening I saw three deer (one ran in front of me), the same cows this time lying down on the side of the road, and, almost in Tucson, going off a really hard ramp from the Interstate, some long catlike creature sped past me. The only thing I expected to see but didn’t was the Border Patrol (big smuggling corridor.)

So, guess who was waiting for me when I arrived at the base camp?

W on the newly moved T1

W on the newly moved T1

T1 was moved over the summer and now makes for a lovely shot from the road in:

T1 and T3 in the evening light

T1 and T3 in the evening light

We went to the Cow Palace for dinner and I had the best fried chicken ever – crunchy! Across the street is a rival grill with a cool facade:

The Longhorn Grill

The Longhorn Grill

After that we went back up and waited for the moon to set a bit more by playing Stone Age (I won!) but I thought I should leave once I beat the boys. And sure they needed to start observing at some point, and my car lights would have necessitated shutting off the cameras (we discovered I don’t seem to have a parking light setting, not good for keeping astronomical darkness…)

I had a great evening.


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