Busy Busy…

Work is really taking it out of me! I have only taken one picture in the last two weeks, and that’s of my yummy husband wearing his new Minnesota Vikings apron for barbecuing. I’m kind of reluctant to share it since I have to share him with the telescopes for a week and half – he’s starting shift tonight and will be living in the dormitory on top of the mountain. I will see him on Saturday for steak at the Cow Palace!

Mondays and Tuesdays are kind of rough, teaching until 8.30 and 9.00 p.m. respectively after working all day. Wednesdays we crash, and Thursdays we play games. Fridays we crash again!

This Saturday we played more games (our once-monthly meet) and then we played Beatles Rock Band at J & D’s house. I liked it, because I actually knew the songs, as opposed to normal Rock Band. Plus my drumming skills somehow went up a level from the dismal they previously were. And you can sing harmony…

Sunday we watched the Vikings (though B & V were actually AT the game in Detroit!) Don’t worry, we have our tickets now for the Cardinals vs the Vikings on December 6 in Phoenix.

I’ve been so tired I haven’t done even a stitch of my cross stitch. It’s quite close to finished though, so I should have a pic for you next weekend. Then you can start seeing what a bad knitter I am… Baby cardigan is the next project. I might chicken out though and do another Christmas project first… I should at least check the gauge on the knitting…

So, I’m sorry there have been no posts or pics. I just feel a bit boring right now!



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