I’m Doing a Knitting Class!

My homework was to do eight inches of garter stitch:

100% Pure Cotton since I can't wear wool

100% Pure Cotton since I can't wear wool

I learnt how to knit in primary school, and I hadn’t done it since I made something for a teddy for a friend in hospital ten years ago (for which I had to relearn it). I never learnt anything other than knit and purl, so I’m taking this class to learn how to increase and decrease, change colours, read patterns etc etc.

On the first day the teacher cast on for me then knit a row and gave me the needles, telling me to start knitting. I was gobsmacked that I just took them up and remembered! Really cool. We use a really colourful wool in class designed especially for teaching, because the colour changes about every five stitches, so you can see the difference between what you’ve just knit and the row below etc.

My homework this week is to add on eight inches of stockinette stitch (knit one row purl one row) to my garter stitch. I found it hard to stop knitting this week when I’d done the requisite rows, because I was enjoying it so much!


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