Supersize Me

Baileys and Belgian Beer

Baileys and Belgian Beer

What can I say? I just kept pouring the Baileys as if it was milk… I would tentatively call that a double. The reason for our supersized drinks this evening? W has been teaching me how to be an astrophysicist and it kind of drains the brain after a while… But it’s been keeping me occupied!

Another thing that’s supersized these days is my Cocozelle zucchini. It dwarfs the Black Beauty zucchini plants in the background!



The little seedlings you can see are chili plants. I killed Ed the gardener’s chili plant, which he had put in our garden but I thought was a weed, so I am trying to nurture at least one that I can give back to him.

Anyway, how is an Irish person supposed to recognise a chili plant??? (The little red things that had started to come out should have made me think twice……….)

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