Stars and Stripes at Fenway

Wally tried to take Conor’s new Stars and Stripes Giveaway hat… Continuing the baseball mascots’ quest to rid him of hats (The Canalligator took issue with his rookie ball San Francisco hat and almost threw it out of LeLacheur park!)


We always head to Wally’s Clubhouse during the games. It can be stressful (Eoin lost his new hat this time around, and was impaled by a Duplo) but the boys love it. There are fun games, Legos, sometimes a chance to meet Wally…

July 4 at the Beach

Our plans to head to Crane Beach were thwarted when we were turned back at the town line (!!!) on Sunday morning because the beach parking lot was already full (at 9.40am!) We still have not quite gotten used to this early New England rising for the beach. Yuck. So we headed to Stage Fort park in Gloucester, which has a lovely beach (already no spare space on it) and an okay beach, but the tide was in, so only the rocks were showing… We waited it out, and had a lovely day despite the challenges.

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Eamon loved wading in the water, even though is was SO COLD. I look forward to many long walks on beaches with him in the future, I hope.

The Lego Containment System

Now that Eamon is getting ever closer to mobility (see Exhibit A) I have been keen to get a Lego Containment System started.


Exhibit A

A number of weeks ago I worked on a Lego bag and play mat that could gather up all the pieces quickly should a quick crawler be in the vicinity. We were also sick of standing on little Lego pieces. The baby play toys were encroaching on the Lego area so a change was due.


Something needs to change!

So I moved all the Legos into the other living room and had a construction challenge to test out the mat. We had a lot of fun!


I probably used the wrong material (duck cloth canvas) for the play mat because it is too difficult to cinch up, but I made do and added some snaps to make gathering easier and it is a workable solution. All the color-sorted boxes fit in beside Papa’s games, and two new boxes of loose Legos that came from Karen are perfect for “random” building projects. The little drawers hold studs, rods, and body pieces.


Father’s Day at the Lowell Spinners

Two years ago we had a wonderful Father’s Day at the Spinners so we were happy that they had a home game again this year. The boys took the field for catching. Conor wants to play catch all the time at home so this was just perfect. Eoin is never quite as interested, but he is gaining an arm through osmosis and some encouragement.


Daddy proved his chops when I took the boys to the play area and he managed to get Eamon to fall asleep in his arms. Expert!


Super Dad

It’s All Local

Our farm coop has started back up AND my friend Teresa blessed us with extras from her garden! It is such a great feeling to cook with local ingredients, where sometimes everything is from a local farm or garden (yes, occasionally even my OWN garden!) or just an onion is added to help.


We are not at a budget level to afford our meat or eggs locally or organically, but we determined that the choice and quality of vegetables and fruit was worth the extra investment to our family. The boys are always excited to pick up our share, more than they get excited at the grocery store, and the flavor is just so much better in many instances.


Oh, and then there’s this rhubarb upside-down cake, made possible by the Farm Direct Coop

I also switched our farm share pickup date to Tuesdays so that we could attend our two local farmers markets on Thursdays if we wanted to supplement. The first market in our town had a stand just for kids to teach them how to make salad dressing. The boys loved shaking it up.