For my birthday I made myself some fudge. I failed, but candles fit very well in ice cream with fudge sauce too!


I needed to cook it a bit longer. I mistrusted my candy thermometer because my jam always sets at a lower temperature than the literature suggest so I assumed the same here. It needed another 10 degrees and I needed to assess a “soft ball” consistency better…

Still… Fudge Sauce!

Mending Jeans

Two pairs of jeans recently decided to give up the ghost but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them yet. One is just so comfortable that I had to try patching them up. I looked at a few tutorials online, found some confidence to go for it, some old scrap fabric (I’m sure you might guess what) and started pinning.

Not very ladylike

Ready to start

I did it! I only sewed the jeans to themselves once and realized right away! Phew!

View from the front

This was very rewarding, a little bit stressful, therapeutic, and hopefully useful, though I have yet to wear them and see if they chafe. Oh and I tried to sew my finger to my jeans… Ouch.


3 Years

I made 3 preemie hats to commemorate the babies in my April 2012 babies group being almost 3 years old. The mothers in this group are a super supportive bunch so I will donate these to a local hospital in their name.


These were a fast and rewarding project after finishing a baby blanket for my brother that I started way back last year.

I Went All Out

Conor asked for Taco Tuesday (on a Friday). Now, all the little man wants is the tortilla and the “lightsaber cheese” but Papa is away and I needed some incentive to cook. So I went all out!

Ingredients for Mexican mince (with silky veal – not too bad at all!), ingredients for tomatillo salsa and fresh guacamole.

Let’s see if Papa can find better when he is in Mexico!

No, Really, Look What I Won!!!

My prize package from Crafty Staci arrived today!!! At the very top she had put a SURPRISE for the boys!!! She matched their personalities p.e.r.f.e.c.t.l.y. Fire engines for Eoin (our resident siren), and Batman for Conor.

Reusable snack bags

We love reusable snack bags in our house and have some sandwich-sized ones from ItsyRitsy (very good) and lunchskins (okay). But these are ADORABLE! Also, there’s a tutorial!

Lego minifigures also fit perfectly

I had been drooling over all the other things on the blog already, but they were still so much better in person.

This sweet pin cushion reminds me of my newly-turned 5-year old

Oh the colors…

Inspiration? Check. Cute fabrics? Check. Time? We’ll see…

I got a quiet moment to check out the book Staci reviewed. It brings me back to my time in Germany, where things were always thoughtfully wrapped too. I love how this Japanese art is so functional.

I will definitely be trying some of these ideas

I have been going through Crafty Staci’s tutorials as I intended and I think I will definitely do the Ruffled Oven Mitts (without the ruffles, I’m not really a ruffle girl) because I still have plenty of InsulBrite left over from the coffee sleeves. These would brighten up my kitchen so much.


Look What I Won!!!

I’ve mentioned before on my blog how inspirational I find Crafty Staci’s blog. Her Friday Favorites are a highlight of my week, and I loved her Wedding Wednesdays this Fall where she portrayed lots of awesome things she and her husband did for her daughter’s wedding. She writes awesome sewing tutorials that are written so well that they give me a huge amount of confidence and resolve to tackle some. I used her Rainbow Coffee Sleeve to make gifts for Conor’s Rainbow Room teachers at the end of last year.


I am very glad that my confidence in sewing has been built up so well because Crafty Staci was having three 5-Year Anniversary Giveaways on her blog and I won one of the giveaways! I couldn’t believe it! Take a look at all the things in her post! The fabric she is sending me is out of this world and I love all the little things like the buttons, matching threads, and the checklist (I love checking off checklists…)

You can be sure that I am going to be going through her back catalog of tutorials for more inspiration, so that I can do this prize the justice it deserves. Wow. I am SO HAPPY.


The Blackrock vest by Yvonne McSwiney has finished blocking and looks fantastic. Very soft too. I think it turned out bigger than a 6-12 month size, but that’s not a problem for me. I always find too that vests last a nice amount of time on little boys. Somehow without sleeves you can get away with something that’s too short just a teensy bit longer than if the sleeves give the game away…

I might gift this on St. Patrick’s Day… It somehow seems appropriate…

And what have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I was waiting for my new book by Kate Oates to arrive (I’m such a fangirl) and it has!

A BOY knitting book. Delicious patterns for BOYS!!! Spectacular stuff. Image courtesy tottoppers website.

In the meantime I have been making a couple of preemie hats to use up leftovers and also to donate in the name of my ravelry friends from my baby group who are coming up on 3 years with our little ones and still we chat as a group on the forums… They’re an awesome bunch of gals and I would love to extend the support I got from them to other parents in my area who need a little something for their little preemies…

As for what I will knit from my Knits for Boys book? Well, I wanted to knit the Jesse Half-Zip featured on the left of the front page, and Conor did point it out that he liked it, BUT, that he wanted me to knit it for his ONE HUNDRED FRIENDS. Yeah, no way buddy. Both he and Eoin liked the socks, and while I am not a sock knitter I think I might try them out. Conor was certainly short some warm socks this winter… And I have other projects I need to work on for some summer babies arriving in the family.

Hangin’ with the Big Boys

Eoin is getting so big recently. He made it up the climbing structure at the Children’s Museum on Sunday!

Two floors up

He was playing games (and not eating or walking off with the pieces) last night…

Little Orchard

And he went down a slide today at the bouncy place we went to. It was about 3 times as big as anything he’d done before (usually he would only go down a slide slightly taller than him!)

I’m a proud Mama.