Flickr Folding

Well, I really enjoyed updating a few months, but then I was on the Flickr site which was my photo host and they are changing their conditions. I will only be allowed to store 1000 photos. Im not sure it is worth it to keep going with the blog. I am going to look into Instagram. I currently have 7000 photos on Flickr. It is such a huge job to delete all the ones not used on my blog. If I can do it, maybe I can continue. Such a hassle.

I started my blog to share with my parents, but these days I often just WhatsApp them the best photos…



Revisiting favorite places

Bringing me flowers

Taking Farmor out to The Stones

T-Ball Opening Day Parade

Eoin at the plate

Early Mother’s Day and Communion Celebration

Hanging out before the baseball game

On deck

Conor’s First Holy Communion

Not to be outdone

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Spreading Mulch

Port-a-Fort Design

Waiting for swim class

Trying out two elderflower syrup recipes

Conor pitched in a special Memorial Day Weekend Tournament

Fishing season!




The boys touched the Stanley Cup

I finished a Gramps by Kate Oates

Fun at gymnastics

A swirl of sleet

We met Blades at the Stoneham Health Expo

Papa took the boys to Fenway Park all by himself while I was in Ireland for Gemma’s wedding

Gemma got married

I danced all night

I took a quick trip to Cian and Ciara

We went to the library

Baseball season started but the league ordered adult-sized jerseys. I used a template to size it down

Eamon started showing an interest in art

Eoin turned 6!

A cold night at Fenway

We discovered a new playground in Woburn while Conor was at a birthday party

Eoin had a pizza dance party

And I survived shingles.


Will the snow ever end?

The utility pole caught on fire

We went out for sushi for my birthday and Eoin tried everything

Conor played on the Providence Bruins Ice

Eamon slept through the BJs run

Many hands make light work

I finished a beaded cross stitch wedding gift

We made “snow cones”!

We got a really big teddy in the mail

I finished a Classic World War II Watch Cap in Miss Babs Yowza

Eamon licked the beater

Updating the Blog

It has been over half a year since I last updated the blog. I guess I got bogged down in that snowy snowy March we had, then Spring always gets crazy (my husband travels a LOT) then before you know it the boys are home all summer and I spend my whole day feeding them! Also, it is so much easier to just upload a quick photo on Facebook and then go on with my day.
Recently I have found myself thinking about the blog more often. I have been doing some crafty things I wanted to share… But an update would mean a big job… I will see if I can catch up just a little bit.

Conor Turned 8!

My boy is getting big! He wanted a sports party again (no surprise there!) The YMCA delivered. We were delighted and everyone had a blast.

They played hockey

And baseball

I had learned from my buttercream fiasco and went with my favorite texas sheet cake with Perler bead toppings

I realize now why I like knitting, cross stitch and perler beads so much. I am not a freehand crafter… It figures – I’ve always been terrible at drawing.

Dr Seuss at School

Myself and two other moms got a request out of the blue a month ago. Could we organize Dr Seuss crafts for every grade for a Dr Seuss week at the school library? WHAT??!! I don’t even like Dr. Seuss!!!
(Still, any excuse for crafting, right?)
I spent most of my off time during February Vacation Week making crafts for the Kindergarten and 3rd Grade. Kindergarten was reading 10 Apples Up On Top so I did all math-based activities. I don’t have any pictures but I made stress balls using red balloons and kinetic sand, for stacking and balancing on the kids’ heads.
I got my creative juices flowing by making some truffula tree decorations for the school library.

Conor is not very enthusiastic, yet…

They looked great in the reading corner

For Third Grade I made a Sneetches craft where there was a pull tab to pull up and down to mimic a Star Off/Star On Machine

I used this YouTube video to figure out how to do it.

The circle punch in the picture was wishful thinking. Why do those punches only extend half an inch? I ended up using my craft knife to cut out 50 circles in Sneetches tummies…
The third graders made light work of the craft. I had worked hard to make sure there were really good instructions but they rocked it much better than I expected.

Star On

It was really fun being at the school so much. It was hard with a toddler (which is why I don’t usually volunteer during school time) but it was good as a once-off.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 loved seeing me at school

But when we had to come back in at nap time on Friday for one last class, it was all too much for Eamon