A Curious Manifestation of Nesting

I don’t know what insanity has come over me, but I wanted to put the boys’ Lego Batcave set back together since it got destroyed in January and naturally I couldn’t find the pieces in our huge box of pieces. Papa is away, so we don’t really need the dining room right now, thank goodness… Because it has been subsumed into Lego craziness. I am sorting the Lego by color. I must be mad.

Nowhere to eat

Nowhere to stand

You’d think in the midst of this that I would have enough of Legos, but I took the boys to the Lego Discovery Museum today too! Conor had super-early soccer so we went straight to the museum afterwards, to line up before opening because it can get crazy busy and the special pass we got from the library didn’t allow for prebooking tickets. It turned out it was really quiet and we had the run of the place!

Go Patriots!

Eoin loved the music at the Hatch

Conor loved the racetrack

Stylish Little Lady

I got two lovely new nieces this summer which has filled me with true delight. Evie came first and this little lady has showed herself to be an incredibly strong girl, working hard through feeding challenges (aspiration) that led to ICU treatment for her lungs. She gave us all quite a fright, and I must say it was hard to knit for her, as I worried about her so much. I also felt nauseous every time I tried to knit in my first trimester, so this project took a LONG time, for such a little project…

Debbie Bliss Spanish Dress, size 12-18 months, but probably came out more 18-24 months…

I used the delightful fabric I won on Crafty Staci’s blog. So gorgeous. It was lovely to use something so special for such a special girl. Her mother always dresses my nieces and nephew in c.u.t.e. clothes, so I knew I had to hit it out of the ballpark… I went to Another Yarn to find the yarn, hoping they would have the recommended one. It turned out they had a store sample of the pattern right there in the store, for which they had used Schachenmayr Catania. I picked up the buttons there too, even though Staci had supplied ones that would have been perfect too.


A Small Triumph

Usually this blog is a true “highlight reel”. You’d think my life is one big perfect event after another. Not so, of course, but I didn’t originally subtitle this “The Pollyanna Blog” for nothing! I get soooooo long-winded when I’m negative!

So, suffice it to say that I have a 3-year old. An independent one, with a slightly lazy streak. And with Daddy’s frequent travel and starting preschool this year he has been having separation-related issues that we are working through. This has manifested itself in not participating in swim class. Shock, horror, this does NOT go down well in a family who loves swimming!!!

So this week we switched things up, changed teachers, changed times, toned it down a bit, and after 10 minutes on the bench he got in!!! I had to stay there the whole time which you’re not really allowed do, but hey, it’s not like I will be still sitting there when he’s 13, right? At the end, we took a photo for Daddy. This photo will get me through a lot of those difficult moments to come, I’m sure of it. He turned towards the camera and BEAMED.

What a ham

Weekend in Vermont

Farmor was in Vermont for a conference, so we went up to join her for a lovely weekend before it started. We had a great time with her and Trefor too. Hiking, swimming and eating yummy food.

Taking a trip up in the gondola

Still going up!

From the gondola we attempted to find a nice trail to climb Mount Mansfield, but the Cliff Trail was NOT the best for a 7-month pregnant lady who couldn’t clamber too well and for a 3 year old in a hiking pack… We had to turn back, but not before getting a nice view.

Incredible view

The next day we took the toll road up the mountain which brought us up to the ridge, which we followed along the Long Trail right to the top of Vermont. We all felt fantastic at what we had accomplished.

Atop Mount Mansfield

Beautiful views, beautiful day

Town Day, Touch a Truck, and Block Party

We just had an immensely busy weekend! I couldn’t justify missing out on ANY of these favorite events of ours, so I conserved energy when I could and just took the weekend by the horns! We had a blast.

Meeting Blades

Shooting from a rocket

Eoin LOVED this Bruins shirt we got from a town hockey coach

The next day we squeezed in some time at Touch a Truck after soccer:


More trucks!

Then we set up cool stuff to do at our block party and had a great time with all the neighbors


Seasonal Endeavors

I was pretty busy last week and solo parenting at the same time, but my neighbor gave me a whole load of rhubarb and some cucumbers too so I had no choice but to get busy and preserve it or I would have been lamenting its absence all winter.

Rhubarb macerating (note, WAY too long slices, despite halving recipe recommendation of 4 inches) and pickles in salt water

I made rhubarb jam, bread and butter pickles, and a lovely rhubarb custard pie to bring to friends for dinner.

Yum, but the jam is too stringy. Chop it up smaller!

The First Days of School

We had a nice lead-up to school starting, with a playdate and even an orientation day for Conor, checking out his room.

No mathematicians here…

Then off he went, very excited.

Big Boy

With a lovely send-off from his little brother

And holding Daddy’s hand…

Bye my big boy…

Then Eoin had his orientation later that day

No engineers here…

And he started school the next day.

It was harder for me the second day, when both of them were gone…


I got a lovely message from Conor’s teacher the second week though, that really lightened my heart…

They’re in good hands, for sure.

The Last Days of Summer

We packed lots in those last few days before school started for both our boys. So many new beginnings!

We tried out a new pond (Dark Hollow Pond) in the Fells for fishing, but it was NOT child-friendly.

Rocky and steep

Still, the boys caught a few pumpkin seeds…

We decided to leave once Conor slipped off a rock and dipped his feet…

Then we stayed local the next day and caught the last day of our local public pool and splash pool. So refreshing!

Cooling down

Oh and hey, you’ve got to squeeze in the Red Sox the night before the first day of school too, right?

We love Wally The Green Monster

Getting Bigger at the 4H Fair

I was shocked by how much bigger the boys looked on the pony rides at this year’s 4H Fair.

He got the big pony

A world of difference from the screaming two years ago!

I still love love love this fair. It is the best part of the summer for me. Conor loved the “pigs, french fries, lemonade and ice cream”. Eoin loved the “horses” but it seemed to me he also loved the sheep and bunnies. He loves to get down at an animal’s level. My favorite was the champion silky hen we saw. So fluffed!


It was pretty hard to get the boys away from the music man they enjoy here every year, Kevin McNamara.


Oh and of course the bouncy rides and hay ride were a real hit too. It was just so great to get here before the school year starts. This year will be the first year we have to go to the Topsfield Fair on a weekend because of school… Yes, Conor is starting KINDERGARTEN and Eoin is starting preschool. Our daily rhythm is going to change, big time. Hmm, maybe we could do an evening fair… Worth looking into.