Hamburger Buns

I have been exploring making my own bread ever since Papa was contemplating getting me a bread maker for my birthday. I baulked at the bulky countertop item and decided I would rather see if I could get nice results with my KitchenAid first. My first attempt wasn’t fantastic but still edible. My latest attempt turned out terrific!

I had a lot of leftover picnic pork from Easter (that dinner wasn’t the highlight of my culinary career so I felt I wanted to at least let the leftovers shine). So cue a recipe in my Gourmet Cookbook for hamburger buns. Delicious and a huge success!




I used my own Bread and Butter Pickles too. Just pure scrumptious. And last night I made a Tourtiere (pork pie) with the final leftover pork which was yummy too, though it might have been trumped by my mushroom soup… Three dinners with one braised picnic shoulder. Not half bad.

Happy Easter!

Check out some Iris folding I have been trying out. It is my second attempt. Inspired by the Reading crafters group and the cool book Mum and Dad got me for Christmas.

The boys had a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt. The day was warm, the snow was mostly receded, and they got a lot of treats.

Let’s go!

There have to be some more around here somewhere…


Getting Outside

We’ve been getting out and about doing things as usual. You can see the weather transitioning through this post, from indoor activities to more outdoors – phew!

Monster Mini Golf

Einstein’s Workshop

First “warm” day

What our entire winter has looked like

It must be Spring

Hockey season is over

Coming next week… Our first Red Sox game! Forecast is for 64 degrees!

Domino Effect

Having soooo much fudge sauce from my botched birthday fudge attempt meant I decided to make vanilla ice cream. YUM! I don’t know why I haven’t tried this sooner!

Setting up for ice cream

But of course then I had to find something to do with the 6 extra egg whites I had left over from making ice cream. I made my first ever meringues! They were a huge hit at a school parent’s night.

Airy delights

I love what happens when you think outside the box so as not to waste extra food.


For my birthday I made myself some fudge. I failed, but candles fit very well in ice cream with fudge sauce too!


I needed to cook it a bit longer. I mistrusted my candy thermometer because my jam always sets at a lower temperature than the literature suggest so I assumed the same here. It needed another 10 degrees and I needed to assess a “soft ball” consistency better…

Still… Fudge Sauce!

Mending Jeans

Two pairs of jeans recently decided to give up the ghost but I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to them yet. One is just so comfortable that I had to try patching them up. I looked at a few tutorials online, found some confidence to go for it, some old scrap fabric (I’m sure you might guess what) and started pinning.

Not very ladylike

Ready to start

I did it! I only sewed the jeans to themselves once and realized right away! Phew!

View from the front

This was very rewarding, a little bit stressful, therapeutic, and hopefully useful, though I have yet to wear them and see if they chafe. Oh and I tried to sew my finger to my jeans… Ouch.


3 Years

I made 3 preemie hats to commemorate the babies in my April 2012 babies group being almost 3 years old. The mothers in this group are a super supportive bunch so I will donate these to a local hospital in their name.


These were a fast and rewarding project after finishing a baby blanket for my brother that I started way back last year.

I Went All Out

Conor asked for Taco Tuesday (on a Friday). Now, all the little man wants is the tortilla and the “lightsaber cheese” but Papa is away and I needed some incentive to cook. So I went all out!

Ingredients for Mexican mince (with silky veal – not too bad at all!), ingredients for tomatillo salsa and fresh guacamole.

Let’s see if Papa can find better when he is in Mexico!