Mending Jersey-Lined Sweatpants

Conor has been wrecking the knees of both his new hand-me-down pants as well as newer pants I’ve bought. I decided to attempt to fix up two pairs of old pants that had ripped straight across the outer fabric but still had intact jersey lining.
I couldn’t turn these inside out, so I turned the rips in on each other and did a zigzag stitch along it. It is raised, but it is neat.

The other pair actually had such a frayed cuff that I was able to turn it inside out through the cuff. The rip was much worse, but was neater to mend because I could turn it inside out. I also darned two holes on the other leg, and then when I was all done I noticed a rip on the Butt!!! Needless to say, this pair is now in the emergency change of clothes stash in the car.

Rips and tears


Hockey Mom

Papa has gone to a meeting in the Canary Islands so I have realized my true calling as a hockey mom. I brought the boys to practice (including photo day) and yesterday morning bright and early I finally got to see one of Conor’s cross-ice Mites games. I counted six goals and got some on video.
Watch as Conor moves from left to right and scores his fifth goal.

Turn on the sound to see him declare “Not in my house” after scoring his sixth goal.

Goodbye Horrid Wallpaper

We have been living and loathing the only existing wallpaper in our house for seven years. It is in our family room, and it aggravates me to see it.
Having finished the fence I have been finding it hard to relax during naptime. I get itchy to take on more projects. I therefore found myself stripping wallpaper this week. It was extremely therapeutic.

Goodbye tartan wallpaper

The next step is filling in minor holes, priming, and finding the correct “off-white” paint.

Preparing for Halloween

For Halloween I bought a hot dog costume, and I had a request for a “red Mario ghost from Luigi’s Mansion”. Eamon had no option whatsoever since I was determined that he would wear the awesome Bowser costume I made for Conor five years ago.
Eoin’s red ghost costume was harder than I expected. I probably overthought it, and added netting, and lighting…

My brain is burning

We made our way to the school Halloween party. We had helped out earlier by making a fishing game, cracking glowsticks, decorating the gym…

Don’t expect any photos from the party, it is INSANE!

Attaching the stalk to the pumpkin

Freestyle spider web

On Saturday our town had its annual Halloween Stroll. The TV station has awesome green screen pictures ready for the costumes. See if you can find the “real” hot dog!?


Eamon had to go around the stroll TWICE so his hockey-practicing brothers could each get a turn. Needless to say he exhibited a pure sugar crash at the end.

I Defeated Bowser!

On Sunday it was high time we carved our pumpkins. I had a blast helping the boys pick their own design.

Some boys liked the pumpkin guts more than others…

We have a spooky, a King Boo, and an angry pumpkin

On Halloween we went to a neighborhood party then hit up the neighborhood. I never manage photos of trick-or-treating, but it was a lot of fun. We even managed more houses as the boys are getting older.

PS. Eoin ended up being a ninja for real Halloween. The red costume had wearability issues…

Alligator Road Yarn Bombing

On Thursday I got to meet up with the lovely yarn bombing ladies again. We went to the Greater Boston Stage Company’s production for Alligator Road and got to see all our work in action!

The set

We got free tickets and were treated to wine and cheese beforehand (I would have arrived earlier if I had known! I was rushing out the door as usual!)

My pink jug and green watering can are both in this picture

The play touched on a lot of themes like race, feminism, sexism, mother-daughter relationships… It was excellent, and for a person who wrote a thesis on intermediality, the intersection of fiber and dramatic theater was not lost on me.

Hike Around Horn Pond

Eamon and I found ourselves over near Horn Pond this week. We have fished here once, but I always wanted to hike around it. I didn’t want to go home after being stuck inside with a sick baby for a few days, so this was the perfect escape. A nice 45-minute 2-mile loop.

FAll reflection

Eamon was delighted to spot lots of birds. We saw ducks, swans, herons, cormorants, seagulls…

What Month Is It?

Oh yes, October! Time for some spooky pyjamas, socks, treats, shirts…

Grandpa David’s annual Halloween package came on Thursday! Conor had a playdate over, so there was tons of excitement. Things came tumbling out of the package and we immediately had to make cookies because there were two spooky baking mixes. Conor’s friend is allergic to tree nuts however, so I made my shortbread recipe. The awesome sprinkles wouldn’t stick in to those while hot, so I made some quick icing too. It was hectic! I was convinced I was going to get a sugar crash any moment since they wouldn’t dream of touching any after-school snacks!

Some of the sprinkles may not have made it all the way to the cookie surface…