Sausage Heaven

My sister-in-law’s boyfriend makes his own sausages. At Thanksgiving he brought his homemade sausages for twenty of us and also made pretzels (with lye!!!) My husband and I were transported back to our time in Germany and were so happy… Yesterday we got a package in the mail… SAUSAGES!

Dortmunder and Kalbswurst

This was such an unbelievable treat. We cooked up some of the Dortmunder last night, as another “snow event” started outside. Our week was made so much brighter by this delivery.


Thank you Andreas, Lovisa, J.T. and Bronwen! SausageFest 2015 must have been a lot of hard work but with splendid results!

Preparations for a Birthday Party

Conor wants a Batman birthday party this year. We have been working on lots of little projects to make it special. I will show you the favors (Perler bead bat signals, fleece capes) another day, but here are some things the boys have been helping with.

Conor wanted a Batman “plahna” (pinata) so we did our first ever papier mache project.

This should be fun!

Batman dried for a few days then we stuffed Twixes and M&Ms inside him.

Next up is black and yellow paper

Conor also wanted to make a “bad guy” to attack from this huge box from new shelving. He is into watching Minecraft on youtube right now, so he wanted to make a “creeper”.

Painters in action

I am pretty excited about this party, though it will be a lot of work turning my house into a Batcave… I’m hoping that all the hard work will be in the preparation, so I’ll just be able to enjoy the party once it comes… It’s also helping me not think about the fact that Conor is turning FIVE!


Back in November and December we got fresh cranberries from our farm share. I had already made cranberry sauce, so I got more creative with the second batch… My Martha Stewart Living magazine had a recipe for a cocktail using a “shrub”, a vinegarized syrup. You cooked cranberries, vinegar and sugar just until the sugar dissolved, then cooled it down and added it to a LOT of bourbon and some soda. I absolutely LOVED this drink and thought about posting on the blog, took pictures and everything, but I thought it might have been too random to share…

Fig. 1 Random

Now, in this deep snowy winter, in the absence of any real shrubs in my garden (see Fig. 2), it is time to resurrect shrubs AND cocktails…

Fig. 2 No shrub in sight

My friend Teresa has been getting out to winter farmers markets in search of fresh color and flavor to help her survive this gray winter. She remembered how much I raved about my new shrub discovery when she chanced upon a shrub tasting!

Fig. 3 Transported back to Fall flavors

Our recipe needs some refining (we just added bourbon and soda), but this was delicious and such a delight! Thank you Teresa!

REAL Popcorn

Our Farm Coop organized a “Deep Winter Share” that I picked up on Tuesday. Included was real popcorn, dried on the cob! I had never seen it before and heard someone down the line say that you just need to put it in a paper bag and then in the microwave for two minutes! Incredulous, I checked online and watched Martha Stewart do just that!

Time to try it out…


This was delicious! Fresh and fluffy and fantastic! What a treat!

Little Pink Cardigan

You would think with all this snow that I was getting a lot of time to knit, but with Papa’s knee surgery it has fallen upon me to do all the snow blowing and shoveling. I haven’t had much time to knit! Also, with everyone stuck inside it is all I can do to keep some tiny semblance of cleanliness around here.

Additionally, with my husband recuperating from surgery and having a lot of time off we have had a lot more time to play games. It has been fun trying out some of his Christmas haul, but I wish I could invent something that would allow me to hold cards/game pieces and knit at the same time! It’s a pity our hobbies are so mutually exclusive…

My cousin just had a baby so once I found out that a little girl had arrived I went looking at my Sirdar Snuggly stash and found a gorgeous dusky rose that I picked up in Cape Cod I think. Perfect!

I used the free Provence Baby Cardigan pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. I added the lace detail to the sleeves and back thanks to a helpful project note from a fellow Raveller. I love it.

Winter Sports

We have been getting inventive with our winter activities seeing as they have been forced upon us by the 6 feet of snow we have received in under a month. Everybody is sick of it and there is another storm due on Saturday apparently!

Never mind! We can do the following:


Iron Man



Cross country


Snow Removal

Massachusetts has been battered in the past week by a blizzard with two feet of snow and another foot has fallen today. We are starting to feel closed in by snow mountains on every corner. Navigation is now through snow tunnels only.

During the blizzard I got very few photos. I was very busy with the snow blower and shovel because Papa had just had surgery on his knee. A couple of days later I finally got around to documenting the sheer amount of snow we got.

I also got out with Conor and built him a little sledding hill on our front steps. Wise Eoin has had nothing to do with any of this snow and stays inside with Daddy…


So cue another foot of snow today. It will continue into this evening but we were hoping to go about our business tomorrow so I got a headstart and cleared a lot of it out. It is still snowing hard so there will probably be 3 more inches to clear tomorrow. Still easier than a foot!!!

If you look at this photo you can see I started over to the left and by the time I did the right side and also had taken a detour to dig my neighbor a way back into his driveway there was already about an inch gathered where I had just dug out!!!

Conor came out for a little bit, but it was very cold. He loves to attack the wall of snow with various “weapons” (baseball bat, water squirter, snow shovel). But his latest way to help me is with his own “snow blower”:

Push power


Currently we are having a blizzard (of which I do not yet have photos) but on Saturday and Sunday we also had some good snow. I had a blast with the boys. The shovelling and snow blowing was pretty tiring though, as there were two phases of snow to clear. As I look out the door now I see drifts of about 2 or 3 feet…

Sunday was fun: