We had a glorious Christmas with Farmor and Trefor. The weather was warm so we could get outside when we needed to run off steam, and the food and company was excellent. Conor sent all of Christmas day saying “This is the best day ever!”


Yet again the boys insisted that Santa prefers his milk to have a chocolate chip cookie mixed into it… Yum.



Farmor enjoyed the first inkling of a smile from Eamon, a distinct wrinkling of the eyes and mouth. He’s an alert little fella.



You’re trying to make me smile, aren’t you?

Christmas Events

We had Conor’s school concert and Papa’s work party on the same day in December.


Conor was front and center in his Bruins shirt. I blame my lack of cultural knowledge (i.e. wearing a school uniform during my formative years) for not knowing he should have been more formal…


“Conor, what does Daddy do at work all day?” “I dunno. Watch YouTube?”


Happy 40th Birthday Papa!

Papa was hoping for Eamon to arrive on his birthday, just like he arrived on his mother’s birthday… But it wasn’t to be; he was our very special Thanksgiving baby instead…

I think it was really nice to be away from the hospital so that we got to celebrate in style. Papa knows what he wants… He asked me for my super special chocolate cake, and he went out to the supermarket for himself, bringing back some fancy cheeses, salamis, and a lobster…


We had a lovely fire, an awesome day for dad. I had been so worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, and I was right, but thankfully my husband knew how to make his day really special too. We are a good team.



World’s Cutest Knitwear Model

Eamon has been rocking all of his adorable handknits.


Teresa’s hat and sweater, Marcia’s socks

I even had his sweater ready before his arrival, despite him being 6 days early. I love the Gramps sweater by Kate Oates so much. I made it out of Berroco Vintage I won in Kate’s Knitting for Boys book knitalong. It is super snuggly when washed in Eucalan.


Gramps sweater by proud mama, Christmas tree hat by Meaghan