Fall at Franklin Park Zoo

I intended to visit Franklin Park Zoo with the boys all summer but it never worked out. Sunday was in the 60s so off we went, at last!

The new Nature’s Neighborhood was a big hit. They erected a tree lookout around a huge old tree and they had lots of other “natural” play structures.


Climbing to the top


Going all directions


Top to bottom


Side by side

Back to Gymnastics

Eoin asked to do basketball class at the YMCA last session, and we were also trying to make it to a few Hike and Seek hikes in the fells, so we stopped doing open gymnastics time for the summer and fall. Apparently Eoin feels he knows all there is to learn in basketball now (ahem?!), so he asked to go back to “gym class”. He much prefers the unstructured play time at the gymnastics center to an organized class.


Eamon the Unstoppable also approves…


Eoin is very strong


Eamon is a major fan of everything bouncy


Sunday at the Library

The old library in Reading Town was recently renovated and I felt it was worth a visit on a rainy Sunday, though I’m pretty sure Papa could not understand why I wanted to visit a library with the boys… Probably remember libraries as slightly less interactive in his day…


Going all directions

The children’s room was open and cosy. It was very easy to find books and browse and they had a nice section dedicated to “recommended” books – easy for busy moms!

The computers were lacking (browser only). The boys are used to computers with educational games at our own town’s library. However, we asked at the desk, and they had two iPads you could play with, which they set us up with. We have iPads at home of course, but there were a couple of new apps that we got to check out.

With PApa being there I even got to escape for a couple of minutes and I picked up a sewing book and slow cooker book. Yay!

Boston Basket Bounty

Our friend Teresa emailed that she had a “surprise” for us – a delivery that needed to be made – so of course I asked her for dinner and we anticipated her visit with great glee. She sent Papa out to her car to fetch the surprise and he came back with a HUGE gift basket that she had won at a craft fair!!! The prizes were not really her thing, but Teresa wanted to contribute to the crafters, and her good deed paid off, obviously! We opened up a fantastic Boston Red Sox basket!


There was no end to the treats

I already posted this month about Teresa being an “enabler”, but this generosity and thoughtfulness went far beyond most peoples’ imagination. We are all so grateful!

Eamon of course does not yet understand the importance of Red Sox fandom, but he was ecstatic to have a new bouncing platform!


Thank you Teresa!

Halloween with a Trio

Eamon’s first Halloween was a joy. I took on way too much by acquiescing to making two Pokemon costumes, so I got very stressed at times, but the work was worth it, especially seeing Eoin’s joy in his costume.


Grandpa David sent awesome pyjamas (and treats!)

Conor wanted to be Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Most elements were easy (pants, shoes) but I had to make a shirt, with a collar! It was fun to explore new sewing techniques, but I must admit I was scared until I tried it. I also cut down some one-dollar gloves and sewed them so they wouldn’t fray, and I made three Pokeballs out of fleece because I knew he would be throwing them at his brother!


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

We had great fun at the school Halloween party with these costumes and of course also on Halloween itself. I KNEW all my work for Eoin was worth it when he brought back a drawing from school: “What I want to be for Halloween”


Eoin as “Charizard” from Pokemon

Eamon took everything in his stride, enjoying the excitement.


He was a big fan of the pumpkin ring toss


But to be honest he wasn’t terribly impressed by being confined to a stroller for trick-or-treating… He seemed to want to join his brothers ringing doorbells!

Science School

My friend Roisin was going to be giving a talk at a science-based school in nearby Winchester and thought we might be interested. The Acera School was very interesting. It had a full woodshop!

The boys were so excited to use tools. But interestingly enough, even surrounded by many scientific endeavors,  Conor was drawn to pen and paper, and wanted to write his numbers to 100…


I had very little time to check out the research that was being displayed but while the boys were “drawing”, my attention was drawn to a display of fabric beside us. A company had researched how to make seamless garments for an autistic girl who tends to pull apart her clothes at the seams. Fantastic.

I Love Escarole

We got a humongous head of escarole from our farm coop. I discovered this endive back in Tucson when I determined to try a new recipe from The Gourmet Cookbook every week. The Italian sausage, white bean, and escarole stew is one of our absolute favorites.

I love how escarole fans out really wide so you can clean it really easily.


I’m glad it’s starting to be stew weather…