A Week in New York City

Papa had a meeting in New York.We tagged along for the ride, but all the work was up to me, because he was gone the whole time. I joked that we saw LESS of him than we usually do on a normal travel trip through Skype!!!


First we explored the playground at Central Park


And tried without success to find a playground on the High Line


Eamon had his first bus ride

We explored the Bronx Zoo, and many playgrounds. Eamon would be plonked down somewhere relatively free of leaves and mulch (his favorite food) and he practiced crawling. He started clapping and crawling in that one week.


We  had a fantastic day on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier. I loved being on it with the boys, and exploring all around.

The boys loved the “cannons”, the sleeping quarters, and the Exploreum.

It was a hot week in the city, but Papa had found us a hotel with a rooftop ool. Every afternoon we would return there to cool off.


On the Friday we went to Nelson Rockefeller park along the Hudson. It was lovely, with games you could borrow, a great playground, and proximity to the Irish Hunger Memorial and the 9/11 Memorial.

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On our last day we went to the New York Public Library. Eoin was delighted because he is a big Ghostbusters fan. After that we went to the Nintendo store and talked to a virtual Mario.

Story Walk in Reading

Conor attended summer day camp for a week in mid-July while Papa was in Germany. He loved it, and Eoin and I had fun finding things to do that were more geared towards his interests. On Tuesday we finally went to a “Hike and Seek” program in the Fells (learned loads about plants) and on the Wednesday we went on a storywalk in Reading. The book had already been done at our local StoryWalk location but Eoin was a baby when I did it with Conor.

I am determined to continue the Hike and Seek in the Fall.

“Dirt” Pudding Cups

I don’t usually buy box mixes for baking/cooking, but I noticed a new product from Jello called Creations, and I thought Eoin might like it a lot.


First we mixed the pudding, then added Oreo crumb “dirt”


Then it was time to add the worms!

I liked everything but the worms (too chewy), Eoin liked the worms, Conor doesn’t like pudding, Eamon LOVED the pudding!


Jams in July

I spent a lot of time over the span of a week in early July making jam. Papa was away a lot so I experimented with late-night jam making. It worked, though was tiring! Better than having a baby at my feet getting boiled jam bubbling on him though.


If I don’t make gooseberry jam my mother AND mother-in-law will disown me

I made two batches because of the time crunch. Usually I only make one, because you are supposed to make small batches, for better jam. But two batches at once ensures you still have small batches, and not that much extra stirring to be honest.


The gooseberry and golden raisin conserve at the back turned out much nicer again this year than the plain old gooseberry. Next year I might just  make double of that.

Stupid Google

I have been finding it hard to keep up with my blog lately, but a baby awake at 5.30 this morning gave me some extra time in my day. I was so disappointed when I accessed my albums on Picasa and it would not give me an image URL that I could plug in to WordPress. Google has stopped supporting Picasa, so if my links in older posts go weird, you know why… Here’s hoping I don’t have to fix 1000s of URLs in the future. I just don’t want to pay for hosting photos, especially when WordPress has a very limited storage option that I know I would fill up in a year…

A lot of searching online led me to flickr. So I am going to try it. All my photos are on my phone upstairs and the fussy baby is asleep on me right now, so here is an adorable test image… Fingers crossed the iphone app is easy to use…


Stars and Stripes at Fenway

Wally tried to take Conor’s new Stars and Stripes Giveaway hat… Continuing the baseball mascots’ quest to rid him of hats (The Canalligator took issue with his rookie ball San Francisco hat and almost threw it out of LeLacheur park!)


We always head to Wally’s Clubhouse during the games. It can be stressful (Eoin lost his new hat this time around, and was impaled by a Duplo) but the boys love it. There are fun games, Legos, sometimes a chance to meet Wally…

July 4 at the Beach

Our plans to head to Crane Beach were thwarted when we were turned back at the town line (!!!) on Sunday morning because the beach parking lot was already full (at 9.40am!) We still have not quite gotten used to this early New England rising for the beach. Yuck. So we headed to Stage Fort park in Gloucester, which has a lovely beach (already no spare space on it) and an okay beach, but the tide was in, so only the rocks were showing… We waited it out, and had a lovely day despite the challenges.

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Eamon loved wading in the water, even though is was SO COLD. I look forward to many long walks on beaches with him in the future, I hope.

The Lego Containment System

Now that Eamon is getting ever closer to mobility (see Exhibit A) I have been keen to get a Lego Containment System started.


Exhibit A

A number of weeks ago I worked on a Lego bag and play mat that could gather up all the pieces quickly should a quick crawler be in the vicinity. We were also sick of standing on little Lego pieces. The baby play toys were encroaching on the Lego area so a change was due.


Something needs to change!

So I moved all the Legos into the other living room and had a construction challenge to test out the mat. We had a lot of fun!


I probably used the wrong material (duck cloth canvas) for the play mat because it is too difficult to cinch up, but I made do and added some snaps to make gathering easier and it is a workable solution. All the color-sorted boxes fit in beside Papa’s games, and two new boxes of loose Legos that came from Karen are perfect for “random” building projects. The little drawers hold studs, rods, and body pieces.