Kalbswurst and Pretzels

We still had some Kalbswurst from my sister-in-law’s Michigan SausageFest in the freezer, but I was very nervous to use the lye that Lovisa and Andreas had included for making authentic pretzels. But then Crafty Staci posted about hot dog pretzel buns last week and made it look so easy (and used BEER in her recipe!), so it gave me enough courage to try.

Fantastic, and did the sausages justice, while bringing back lots of memories of life in Germany

Conor’s Graduation

Conor graduated from preschool on Thursday. I have just about gotten over the shock now, on Monday!

We have come a long way from Conor’s first day of preschool, September 2013, to his last day of preschool, June 2015!

The school had a lovely ceremony, where the children sang some great songs and then crossed over a “bridge” into KIndergarten.

On his way…

Proud of my guy

Red Sox vs Twins Rain Date

We took off work and school to go and see the Twins play the Red Sox in a catch-up game last Wednesday. The Sox played well for once!

Eoin loves Wally but was not keen on meeting him…

On our way home a man stopped us and said loads of people had been taking pictures of Papa and Conor from behind…

Big Papis

Teacher Appreciation

As room momĀ for Conor’s classroom this year I needed to figure out an end-of-year gift for his teacher. I was having no luck at all and wanted to find something personal, so I cobbled together a few ideas, some from Pinterest, and one thing I had just really wanted to try, and got something really individual in the end.

I made a little book and got each child in the class to draw a picture of what they thought their teacher’s favorite flower looked like. They were adorable. Then I etched those onto a vase using adhesive stencil film and Armour Etch.

A “rose”

Once I had gathered all the flowers and gotten the vase ready, I went to the florists and asked for each individual flower. It turned out really nice and I think the teacher really liked it. The children also really loved the idea and were so proud to see their flowers in real life.

A red rose, two purple flowers, two pink flowers and a green flower

Back to Form

I am getting my culinary mojo back and have even started doing a tiny bit of knitting. It feels good and it is definitely helped by all the fresh things starting to arrive this spring.

Ramps Cream Cheese, inspired by the cheese lady at the farmer’s market in Heidelberg

Baked rice with Italian Sausage, red peppers and corn, from Martha Stewart

Oh and I even baked two pies. Rhubarb, and Strawberry Rhubarb. It had been a VERY long time since I baked a pie.

Providence on Memorial Day

I saw that the Paw Sox were playing on Memorial Day and was very keen to experience the only minor league team of the Red Sox in the area that we hadn’t been to yet. So we packed up a picnic and went for the first time to Roger Williams Park Zoo as well!

Trusty navigator ready to take on the zoo

At the Farm


Notice a costume change? They have a water play area… Was very lucky to have a change of clothes for the boys!

After we dried off from the water play area it was time to get to the game!

Post ice-cream bliss

We liked it at the Paw Sox, but we are still happiest at the Lowell Spinners. It’s definitely the best for kids.

Exhausted after a long weekend

Fishing on Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend I planned a fishing trip to Harold Parker State Forest, about 10 miles north of us. It is quite spread out with a lot of ponds and parking areas, so we were slightly unsure where we should be, but I stuck with my gut and my research and picked an area by Field Pond. It was a hit!

The boys were eager to start

The fish were crafty little devils and kept stealing our bait but I managed to hook the first fish all the same!

With my trusty helpers

Papa got two more after that.

They were small bluegills that had to be put back but the boys were delighted with the experience and the grown-ups enjoyed the tranquility of the lake.

Papa was not quite ready to give up

Another bonus was seeing some lady slippers hiding in the forest. I had snuck out earlier that morning to see some at our local park so it was a huge delight to be able to show the boys.

Red Sox vs Rangers

Last week we went to see the Red Sox play the Rangers. They’re not playing great this year so it was hard to keep the boys interested. The iPhones were requested by the 3rd inning. Yurgh. So in the 6th I brought them to Wally’s Clubhouse, a new area the Red Sox have started this year, with games, crafts, and appearances from Wally the Green Monster. I brought Eoin our there for Game 2 of the season and it was packed but this weeknight game was much much quieter. The boys played with giant Lego and got balloons (Wally and a lightsaber). It was a good break that kept them excited back at their seats all through the 9th inning.

Proud of their balloons


Catch Up

Holy guacamole. I don’t think it’s been this long since I’ve posted on the blog ever?? We have had a bum few weeks of Papa traveling and illness and I am barely caught up… Here is a quick recap:

Eoin turned 3!!! (Papa has more photos…)

Cool new firehouse from Farmor!

Donal came to visit!

Best godfather ever

We got 6 cubic yards of mulch:

Kings of the castle

Then Papa went away to Finland and we got very very sick with a 3.5-day stomach bug.

Eoin was the first to fall

Then Conor and myself…

We slept a lot and I cleaned up a lot…

When Mother’s Day came around we were finally all better. Such a relief.

Happy happy

Now that things are finally back on track…

Conor took part in Future Spartans Day

and the boys and I went to the zoo yesterday.



There you go, that’s a month condensed!!! Not my favorite month (apart from Eoin’s birthday and Donal visiting, but that was April. May started off just rotten……..)

Add to that the fact that I have done zero knitting and have not been motivated to cook exciting food then there has been precious little blog fodder. Hopefully I will stop feeling nauseous about knitting and cooking soon. I have been managing a stitch or two of cross stitch… I did make a lovely asparagus soup….. No pictorial evidence – it went into Donal’s tummy too quickly!