Still a Premier Knitwear Model

I might not be able to get Eamon to do everything I want, but I can still get him to wear knitwear! Since I know this phase will last a very short time (comparative to the time and effort put in!!!) I am using every opportunity.

Marcia’s Pembroke Karen’s handiwork

By the way, if you notice my images being displayed in all different ways over the next while, some shoddy, some slightly askew, I am having to play around with CSS, tables, etc, because wordpress changed its “upload by URL” feature to actually upload images, hence maxing out my storage allocation. So now I am writing the HTML myself, sourcing my images from flickr (which is what wordpress was supposed to be doing!!!) but wordpress doesn’t want to read my “styling” points, so it’s a bit old skool, with coding hacks off various helpful sites.

This Boy

While Papa has been away this week Eamon decided to step things up a little. Instead of only an occasional climbing attempt, he has taken it upon himself to use every opportunity to climb the dining table, the couch, the chairs, his brothers’ heads…
It is a busy time…

A Nerfy Nintendo Christmas

Santa delivered some rather large Nerf guns to the boys this year. Eamon is thankfully too young. He got some cool Duplo and ball toys.

Learning to unwrap

Delivery for Daddy

Lighting the pudding

The rest of our Christmas can basically be imagined by freeze framing this next photo for two weeks… The NES Classic that Daddy lined up at dawn for three mornings in a row was quite a hit, especially with Daddy…


Television: A New Skill

As a stay-at-home mom I tend to seek out opportunities for volunteering that fit my busy schedule. At the December PTO meeting I volunteered to videotape the Winter Concert, using equipment from our local TV station. I didn’t QUITE realize the time that would be involved, but I am really delighted I forged ahead with this project. I have some background in media from my Masters degree but I did not have any technical expertise.
At Stoneham TV I got taught how to use the camera and sound equipment and then once I had successfully taped the concert I was taught how to edit! I was really really proud of my achievement, and would really like to keep it up in some capacity. Of course I was only able to do it because Papa was able to wrangle Eamon for me. It will take another few years until we can really fend that guy off from mayhem and destruction in order for me to pursue new (and old!!! knitting? helloooo?) interests.

Camera, production, editing…

Visiting with Santa

As we started into December we embraced numerous opportunities to see Santa (though not all – way too many “Santas” these days I feel! Shouldn’t he be hard at work in the North Pole and not leaving the elves to do EVERYthing??!) We went to the Melrose Home for the Holidays event for the first time (we are usually in Nashville, so we also always miss the Stoneham tree lighting… except for last year, with our 5-day old…)

Hot cocoa and a Pokemon hunt were the name of the game, but we also saw the lights turned on, and Santa rode the fire engine.

Eamon felt strongly that he shouldn’t have been forced to meet Santa at his impressionable age.

So I didn’t even try to introduce him to the “birthday party Santa”.

And he kept his distance from the “work party Santa”, though he wasn’t too disturbed, especially by the cute toys.

Stay back!

General Jackson Showboat

My mother-in-law was celebrating a big-number birthday this year. She had an idea to bring the whole family on the General Jackson Showboat. It was a really fun outing! There was a tour of the pilot house, lunch, Country Christmas singing, and a lovely view.


We just about squeezed into the pilot house


Who’s the captain here?

Taking in the view

Checking out the paddles

Eamon’s First Birthday

We were anxious to etch out some time to celebrate Eamon’s first birthday amid all the Thanksgiving celebrations. I determined to go for a swim with all the cousins since he loves to swim, but his aunt Lena had a much more amazing celebration in mind. She decked out her house in a ball theme (he loves balls!) and laid out a wonderful party for him. THANK YOU LENA!

Of course, after the swim, Eamon was so tired he almost slept through his party!


Swim naps are the best


Balloons are great!


Eamon and Evie

Eamon wasn’t quite willing to smash his smash cake (must take after his mother, who cannot tolerate anyone touching a cake before it is cut!) but he was very willing to let his cousins show him how it’s done.


Good baseball form



Birthday Apron for Eamon

It is hard to find gifts for a third birthday boy, poor Eamon. Thankfully he has a crafty mama. I had been planning this apron since before he was born. It involves a fabric with lobsters wearing oven gloves… Perfect.


It turns out that Eamon’s godmother and aunt Lovisa, with whom he shares a birthday, also got a handmade apron for her birthday! They are quite a pair.


Birthday Aprons