I Have The Best Friends

As a knitter, it can be really nice to have a knitting group to share projects with, bounce ideas off, learn from… What I value mine most for however is the companionship and friendship. During this pregnancy Wednesday nights were one of the only times I got knitting done. I lost my mojo early on, and I was too tired later…

Little did I know, but my friends were more than compensating for my lack of knitting with their own secret knitting!

Last Wednesday I got showered with gifts for the new baby!


Caroline made me a gorgeous silk cowl (because I never knit for myself…) and Karen made the baby a gorgeous sweater


Marcia made me this amazing log cabin blanket with a matching hat in the green, white and yellow


Meaghan made the baby this adorable Christmas tree hat and socks! I was so tickled by these!


Teresa made her First Ever Sweater for the baby, with matching mittens and hat

The most amazing thing about Teresa’s First Ever Sweater feat is that she made it out of exactly the same yarn and exactly the same color that I made MY First Ever Sweater!

Take a look! Here is baby Conor wearing his sweater… Eoin wore the same sweater home from the hospital!


Fast asleep


Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow


Conor and Eoin had their 6-month check-ups at the dentist this morning. A troublesome tooth of Conor’s that has been drilled beyond recognition has decided to become infected. Extraction next week. Conor is not the happiest chappy when it comes to dental work, but he sees all his friends at school losing teeth and is very excited about the prospect of the tooth fairy. So let’s just focus on the positive, shall we?

I used elements from this tutorial that I discovered on Pinterest, but with fleece instead. The boys love it.

Gel Science

The boys were sad to take down our Halloween gel window clings this season, so I tried to find some nice Thanksgiving ones but was unsuccessful (I was being picky). Then I saw a Pinterest link to making your own window clings. Yay! This was a perfect opportunity to keep up Eoin’s interest in science and messy things.

I love science!

Once we had the solution, Eoin started mixing the colors.


The solution solidified at an angle, so some of it was too thick and did not work out. Next time I will also reduce the water amount by about half a cup, and I will oil the tray first so the shapes are easier to extract. While it was a bit of a failure, we learned a lot and will definitely do it again.

Gobble gobble

Plus leftover gelatin is really fun to squish and play with!

A squishy solid

Guinness, a Key Ingredient

Eoin helped me make the Christmas pudding on Monday morning. He is great at measuring and dumping.

Ready to start

You need to add Guinness (and whiskey!) to the pudding, but you of course don’t need the whole bottle. Since I couldn’t drink it myself this year, and Papa was at work, I decided to make a Guinness beef stew (no recipe, just an adaptation of my mum’s, though I recommend Darina Allen’s or Rachel Allen’s if this next picture makes you hungry.)

Winter warmer


Swimming is still going well. Eoin is participating and was finally moved up a class, because he actually showed his teachers what he was capable of!

Everyone got to pick a prize for the last class of the last session

Conor continues to thrive. Only his age is holding him back from the next level, and a lack of interest in using proper strokes!

Gratuitous eyelash shot

Nice Start to November

November has started out balmy, sunny, and warm here. Now if only daylight savings hadn’t come along and thrown us off just a little too much!

We went to Game 3 of the Celtics, against the Spurs. The Celtics were incapable of scoring…

Go Celtics!

Yesterday we got to burn some extra daylight because Conor had an early release day, which also meant Eoin had no school. A glorious warm day meant a perfect opportunity for the bouncy house.

“I believe I can fly!”

Keeping Ciara Warm

I mentioned previously that I got TWO lovely new nieces this summer. I was adamant that I make something for Ciara that would keep her toasty when she goes on sabbatical with her family to upstate New York this winter. I got a lovely hand-dyed sock yarn (Project B Dinah) in Montréal four years ago, right after attending Dónal and Julie’s wedding in France. It was pretty perfect that I should use it. It didn’t take me quite as long to finish this project because my mojo was basically back (and the colors were so glorious). The pattern was enjoyable too. It’s Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallee.

I love how the lace almost looks like cables

Now on the needles? Something for my own baby, at last!

Halloween Festivities

We kicked off a week of Halloween celebrations with the school Halloween party. Eoin missed it because of his tummy but Conor got in the spirit of things. I manned the craft table and helped the kids make really cute lollipops.

Now imagine this ten minutes later with 100 more kids…

Saturday morning cartoons

Conor had hockey for the first part of the town’s trick or treat event, so Eoin and I checked it out first, with Conor and Papa joining later.

Superman in the old burying ground

Superman at the TV station

Farmor came for some meetings for a couple of days. Snuggles and games alert!

Super snugglers!

I entrusted some Ball-jar-lid pumpkins to her to bring back for David to thank him for his Pumpkin Package. I had seen the idea on Pinterest but I didn’t have orange spray paint, so they had copious layers of paint, and weren’t really the effect I was looking for. I will do something better next year! (I think my friend Teresa’s photo card hopefully made up for it though!!!)


Next up it was high time we carved the pumpkin, so since we were letting the boys stay up a little later to watch the Patriots we added in some extra difficulty with sharp tools and fire…

A team effort

The next day was one day away from Halloween… I decided spur of the moment, since I had gone out and gotten Eoin a costume that he had FINALLY settled on, that I would make a Diamond Armor Steve (from Minecraft) costume for Conor with some leftover fleece I had. It is very rudimentary but he loves it and frankly it just made me very happy to make something personal for him. He was going to be Batman like last year, then Karen gave him N’s Captain Rex costume which he loved wearing to the school party, but then he got all wishy-washy when Eoin got a new costume… The man didn’t have a clue what he wanted, but I sure did…


Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

Most Expensive Lego Piece

As I tried to attend Town Meeting last week I was alerted by a text that Papa was bringing Eoin to the Emergency Room. No other details. So I got a trial run at getting to the hospital quickly…

Excellent patient

Eoin was a fantastic patient, telling everyone “I’m not afraid of anything.” Which thankfully turned out to be true. He had really wedged a tiny Lego piece up his nose however, so it took a little time to resolve while the nurses and doctors tried the less invasive methods first. All in all, we were in and out in 2 hours 45 minutes.

Of course, the next day Eoin had a flash tummy bug, but he got over that one quickly too. He appears to be wise about sleeping things off…


This fella seems to be king of random trips to the ER, but I think we will take it, as long as they continue to be just for stupid things, rather than that he’s really really sick…