Fruit Smoothie

I picked up some PINK yarn in the Yarn Basket in Eastham on Cape Cod. It was divine going to a yarn store as a change from all the beaches! I was being very particular because the pink was for two different little girls but I finally discovered a great Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in the sale bin. I did a search for hats made using Cascade Paints and Barley by tincanknits kept coming up.


I also made a very quick pair of bootees as I wanted to gift these right away to our new tiny neighbor down the street. The bootees (Eco Baby Bootees) might be a bit small but she will grow into the hat quickly! Her sister can use the bootees for her baby doll I’m sure.

Emily Dickinson

I finished Emily Dickinson by Kieran Foley in time for submission to the Topsfield Fair, however, I had not realized that it must be submitted online two weeks prior. Ah well, I will know next year and I can start planning a project a little bit sooner this time! (I’m hooked on Kieran Foley, so I think Aran Waves will be next)

This is the shawl before blocking. I think the blocking helped a lot for stretching and structure but it did not correct snags (my rough hands snagged on the silk and created some holes etc.) I had to correct those holes manually through some pulling. Maybe with wool that would correct itself better in blocking?

The boys needed some bouncy time so I blocked outside! I realize my top blocking was not great and would be better with wires, but hey…

46 inches span (pattern says 50)

Does the silk show up imperfect skill?

Beads and yarnovers

The shawl is really nice. I think the silk shows up all imperfections but it is gorgeous nonetheless. I will try and wear my shiny black top from 15 years ago (my Guinness-drinking days) to show it off next week to my knit crew (and have a brew too – of coffee that is…)

School Orientation

Conor is moving up rooms at preschool this week. We had orientation today. All his friends are in a different room and he was very attached to his old room also, so we were a bit nervous. It went well of course. We’ll see how his first day goes Thursday!

He spent most of his time in the kitchen



We got back from camping to find a tomato finally! Thanks to Karen for watering it!

My garden patch doesn’t get much sun so this is a big deal for me!

ALL of Conor’s and my sunflowers came out on Monday for all the kids making their way past our house to school…



A Week Camping in Cape Cod

It has taken us four (!) years of living in Massachusetts to get to Cape Cod! It is exactly 100 miles from our house to the exit for our campground – Nickerson State Park. I did a lot of research on campsites and scored big time with our campsite near a secret beach. The boys loved heading down there for a swim and some playtime and we saw a lot of wildlife there. One morning a very large snapping turtle kept coming up almost to shore and then turning back. We named the beach Turtle Beach after that.

The boys in for a swim ahead of me, walking with Daddy, our campsite, the snapping turtle, waking up with Daddy

The rest of our time was spent up and down the coastlines checking out all the beaches. This was fairly economical because fees for parking end after Labor Day. Phew!

Two beaches a day was very hard work… Lots of digging, lots of swimming, lots of snacks. The boys got along fantastically and could be heard organizing their stormtroopers’ days at the movies and restaurants (???) all day.

My favorite part was catching hermit crabs

We shared our campsite with a lot of daddy longlegs, frogs, wolf spiders… The bathrooms were a favorite haunt:


We were pretty sick of daddy longlegs by the end! Our tent kept most of them out and our screen house helped a lot too, though the spiders liked to nest in the corners.

On the last day Papa took over the cooking so lobster was on the menu, with corn and hot dogs roasted over the open fire too. How he cooked his monster 3-pounder on our propane stove in camping pots remains a mystery to me, but it was the BEST lobster I’ve ever tasted.

Time for dinner!


I could get really deep about this screenshot one of my boys took… A precipice? Hammering into thin air? Look before you leap? DESTROY all things??? A place (childhood?) you can safely learn to explore but can never fall off?

Thinking of the Wild Atlantic

Our friend Mark just got back from Ireland. We helped him plan his trip and I got some Tayto in return!!!

I haven’t opened the big bag of Tayto yet but I have already used this super cool bag made out of an old packet he also brought me! I LOVE IT!

He had me thinking about the west coast of Ireland a lot, along with my parents being in West Cork last week and an old paddling friend blogging about her trip along the newly opened Wild Atlantic Way. It turns out Mark found the Wild Atlantic Way too (I would have recommended it if I had known about its existence) so I hope he saw Satu, but if he didn’t I bet he would love revisiting some of the sights in some of the fantastic photography on her blog. Check it out! Stunning…


Just Bring Me the Hot Biscuits and Country Ham

Yet again we received an offer from the farm co-op that was too good to refuse; A box of 20lbs of peach “seconds” – peaches that would have to be processed right away. Since Papa can’t touch the skins I have to peel them whenever we have them anyway so I thought I’d be up for the challenge. But really, what was I thinking? TWENTY pounds!!!

I slowly got the hang of everything during my 5-hour marathon in the kitchen. Some peaches really didn’t want to look pretty in a jar, so one bowl was for canning and the other would be chopped up for jam.

Almost at 8lbs ready for canning! Phew!

With the canning done I got started on the jam. It was already 9.30pm but I just kept going. I tried to keep on top of my kitchen but counter space was limited!

Peaches for eating or pie in blue bowl, peaches for jam in Pyrex jugs, homemade applesauce for jam in next blue bowl, jars ready for jam, pots ready for water bath etc, canned peaches at the end

This was a tiring process and Papa had to pick up a lot of slack on the bedtime routine. My feet are still killing me today from not sitting down from 7pm to midnight. But, see that lovely juice in that extra bowl of peaches?

Chopped peaches for jam and peaches for Papa (or pie if they last that long???)

We got some fine cocktail-making peach juice out of that juice and the canning peaches juice! Papa made me a life-saving Sex on the Beach to keep me going.

Plus, I will make a yummy pie tomorrow. And the jam??? Deelish. I love it. All the work and squishing apples through a sieve and the splurting boiling jam that was trying to burn me was absolutely worth it. Though at the time I said “Never Again!”

Apple sauce





Our upcoming camping trip has had me scanning Pinterest for camping ideas. Papa got some great firestarters at Half Moon Pond state park when we were in Vermont. I didn’t know what they were before seeing him use them but he seemed to find them awesome and he didn’t have to faff around like in Maine – which the boys typically don’t have patience for!

I decided to make my own with some instructions off Pinterest because I want to also try dyeing candles with the boys as a craft but have never used wax before…

Wax melting, egg carton loaded with dryer lint and some wood bits

It remains to be seen how well these work. I also didn’t feel like I was saving a huge amount of money. The wax (1lb) cost me about $9 with Amazon Prime and I used half of it. Walmart has 1lb of wax for approximately $3.50 but that’s a bit of a drive and online reviews on Walmart said many stores didn’t have it despite the website saying they did… Our local hardware store had some wax for $4.99 but I couldn’t tell how much was in the package. I’ll keep an eye out for cheap wax in the future. I don’t really burn candles much in order to have old candles I could use instead… That would be best, since every part of it would be recycled then!

Watch this space