Frozen has taken over our lives ever since I brought the movie home in a prize basket from Conor’s school fundraiser auction. The boys call it “Ice” and after we watch it they say “Ice again” and when we are in the car we listen to the Ice music… Conor’s friend from school had a […]

Conor had his school show on Thursday. It was a delight. He and the two boys beside him made a great chorus line when singing the ABC Cha Cha Cha, shimmying in unison.

Papa is away so Mama resorts to more things to make life easier. This evening I suggested we bring the beach ball into the bath. Somehow the bathroom did not end up much wetter than usual…

Bronwen sent another amazing box of clothes for the boys. Conor got so excited about everything. I am going to have some handsome fellows around here…

The weather is getting everyone out of doors these days! Finally some warmth and a thaw… We went to Franklin Park Zoo and enjoyed seeing some different animals. Eoin loves big cats so the lion was a favorite. Conor liked the big boa constrictor.

Last Saturday we got a lovely package from Kelly in DC – a birthday package for Conor! Star Wars treat holders and an awesome Ovechkin hockey shirt. We of course had to go straight out and play hockey… With no coat… Thank goodness it was warm that day (well, sweater warm for NORMALLY functioning humans, […]


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