“WHAT? What did you say??? I can’t HEAR you!!!” A little sound bite from our kitchen, nay, our whole house, when the microwave was on… Papa finally had enough on Sunday and our life has improved immeasurably. Good riddance to an extremely loud microwave that didn’t even work well. It’s vent fan wasn’t even connected […]

We got a free boat rental pass for Spot Pond from the library. This year we went with a canoe – MUCH better and easier for Papa. The boys were excellent mini buccaneers. After passing Skull Rock and managing to avoid the Tick Tock Croc we went ashore at Treasure Beach to look for an […]

I was in Michael’s craft store last week looking for canning supplies (no stock, and found for much cheaper at Bed, Bath and Beyond by the way) I couldn’t pass up some clearance yarn in Meath colors. The yarn is Red Heart Boutique Sashay Team Spirit. Meath is my Mum’s birth county. In Ireland in […]

Depuis deux ans j’ai tricoté le premier petit pingouin pour Conor. Ce pingouin et pour Eoin! Maman pingouin et trés heureuse. Eoin est un fan enorme.

We are switching to a different CSA this year. A more local one has a long waitlist that we didn’t succeed in conquering this year, but we have been accepted as members so we can take part in their November and December shares AND we can make bulk orders. First bulk opportunity? Strawberries! I decided […]

With all the curtains finished in the house (save the dining room, whose color is hard to match) it was time to make some returns to Ikea. I got an Ikea Family email with upcoming events and I was drawn to the No-Sew Blanket one. I always think these kits look so expensive at JoAnns […]


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